It Came From Anomaly Flats eBook

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“The strangest small town in America grows a little darker…and that’s a wonderful thing!” ★★★★★

“What could possibly be as great as the original novel ANOMALY FLATS, the story of the town that makes TWILIGHT ZONE, OUTER LIMITS, and NIGHT GALLERY look like Levittown? Well, here it is: IT CAME FROM ANOMALY FLATS.” ★★★★★

“Clayton Smith is the most imaginative writer you probably aren’t reading. He is an endless fountain of funny and fine and scary prose. Make the journey to Anomaly Flats – you won’t be disappointed” ★★★★★

An ancient evil is rising.

Deep in the heart of the American Midwest, a dark force is stirring. After centuries of slumber, a great evil is spreading through a small, strange town, infecting its residents with disturbing behaviors. In this first collected volume of chilling stories from Anomaly Flats, you’ll find nine terrifying tales of transdimensional horror that will chill you to the bone and leave you haunted for days to come.

Welcome to Anomaly Flats.

How loud can you scream?

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