Demon Zero

Book 1 of the Dark Matter series

The city of Templar has always been a little strange. Monsters slither out of the lakes, a zombie rises up every few years, and from time to time, some of the people go missing for no reason. But the supernatural occurrences have been happening more and more frequently lately, and it may have something to do with the all-powerful demon that’s living in Mrs. Grunberg’s basement.

When local slackers Simon Dark and Virgil Matter decide to investigate the mysterious presence in the cellar, they set off a chain of events that will change Templar—and themselves—forever. They don’t know anything about demons. They don’t know anything about magic. But they know that Templar needs some heroes to fight against the growing supernatural darkness, and with the help of a sharp, attractive empath and an old, cantankerous wizard, they just might be able to send the evil demon back to hell.

Or they’ll be blinked out of existence trying.

In Demon Zero, author Clayton Smith tells an action-packed story of sorcery and adventure that sets the stage for a fun, funny, and thrilling new series that “fits perfectly in the classic canon of the world’s best urban fantasy.”

What Readers are Saying:

“Cleverly written modern supernatural tale that keeps you hooked” ★★★★★

“Full of fast-paced action and tons of banter” ★★★★★

“The best new urban fantasy series in years!” ★★★★★

Scorched Earth

Book 2 of the Dark Matter series

The city is under attack by a mysterious woman in a purple cloak who wields an extraordinary elemental attack: every few hours, a sustained lighting column strikes the city, slowly draining the lives of everyone it touches with its deadly, crackling energy bolts.

It leaves behind nothing but mummified victims and scorched earth.

When Simon and Virgil witness the ruthless destruction, they have no choice but to stop the woman before she drains the life from the entire city. But her wizardry turns out to be far more dangerous than anything they’ve ever seen—even the sorcerer Llewyn, a centuries-old kinesthetic mage of the Seventh Order, has never seen a power like hers.

There’s more at work than just life-draining lightning storms, however…the woman in the cloak holds the secret to the dark magic that will bring Templar to its knees and reduce it to a city of ashes. And when things take a disastrous turn that leaves Simon and Virgil without the help of their closest allies, they’ll have to work to find their own way to end the reign of terror.

What Readers are Saying:

“Highly entertaining, funny, with intense danger.” ★★★★★

“Book 2 was just as fun as the first” ★★★★★

“A fun read!” ★★★★★

Shadow Realm

Book 3 of the Dark Matter series

The Shadow Lord is bringing his fight directly to Dark Matter Investigations, and if Simon and Virgil want to stop him before he destroys the very fabric of Templar, they must piece together the clues to the evil creature’s sinister plan—including vanishing mansions, shadow soldiers, and a subway line that’s draining an extraordinary amount of power.

But the boys are still reeling from the elemental attacks of the Refracticore, and Llewyn has been rendered powerless by his ice prison. Templar needs its warriors more than ever, but the only one who might be able to help is the evil sorceress of legend, Morgan le Fay.

Meanwhile, Simon can’t quite put his finger on it, but something seems different about Virgil…

Shadow Realm is the explosive third book in the Dark Matter Series that will have you hooked on every word and gasping your way through an ending you won’t believe.

What Readers are Saying:

“Perfect for fans of Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer” ★★★★★

“This series absolutely does not miss!” ★★★★★

“Smith has me hooked for life with this series” ★★★★★