“Mad Max meets Monty Python…one hilarious, harrowing, and heart-wrenching tale”



Book 1 of the Apocalypticon Series

Three years have passed since the Jamaicans caused the apocalypse, and things in post-Armageddon Chicago have settled into a new kind of normal. Unfortunately, that “normal” includes collapsing skyscrapers, bands of bloodthirsty maniacs, and a dwindling cache of survival supplies. After watching his family, friends, and most of the non-sadistic elements of society crumble around him, Patrick decides it’s time to cross one last item off his bucket list.

He’s going to Disney World.

This hilarious, heartfelt, gut-wrenching odyssey through post-apocalyptic America is a pilgrimage peppered with peril, as fellow survivors Patrick and Ben encounter a slew of odd characters, from zombie politicians and deranged survivalists to a milky-eyed oracle who doesn’t have a lot of good news. Plus, it looks like Patrick may be hiding the real reason for their mission to the Magic Kingdom…

Here’s what readers are saying on Amazon:

“Absolutely hilarious. This book is a hell of a lot of fun!” 

“Laugh out loud funny”

“Great for fans of sci fi and post apocalypse stories with a lot of humor”

“Inventive, original and very fun” 

“Original storyline, well defined characters and an adventure full of surprises and humor! This is an Author to follow” 

“In a world that has become way too serious for its own good, Clayton Smith has given the middle finger to all of that and given the proper amount of humour to the wasteland.” 

“Dark, hilarious end-of-the-world snark with amazing real-world heart”

“I hate finding the perfect book. That’s right. Perfect…I don’t know that it can be topped”

“If you’re on the fence, just jump already. The dialogue is very Joss Whedon ala Buffy time period, and the situations they get in are part epic quest, part Monty Python. Okay, maybe more Monty Python. I mean, a zombie-murdering buffalo? Awesome!”

“The ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of post-apocalyptic fiction.”


Book 2 of the Apocalypticon Series

Ben Fogelvee isn’t having his best apocalypse. His madcap last-hurrah road trip from Chicago to Disney World ended in disaster; he lost his best friend, and he’s spent the three years since weighed down by ghosts and haunted by tragedy.

He’s found a shred of purpose back on Horace’s train, riding the rails and teaching new Red Caps how to protect the dwindling freight. When the train is beset by bandits who steal a particularly precious piece of cargo, Ben heads out into the high desert of the Colorado-Utah borderlands on a post-apocalyptic mission to get back what he’s lost. He’s not alone, though…he has the memory of Patrick Deen to guide him at every turn—for better or for worse. With a desert full of snakes and cults and messengers and cliff-dwellers and all manner of after-doomsday weirdness ahead of him, plus a sinister blonde woman thundering dangerously along his trail, hunting him for reasons he can’t possibly fathom, Ben is going to need all the guidance he can get.

But when he learns the real reason for the train robbery—and of the mysterious doctor who controls the bandits and performs gruesome experiments on M-Day survivors in his remote lab, protected by an army of dusters—well…this might be one adventure he can’t machete his way out of.It’s a hilarious, harrowing, and heart-breaking sequel that confirms: the apocalypse is hard…but a world post-Apocalpyticon may be more than Ben can handle.

Here’s what readers are saying on Amazon:

 “The most unique take on the apocalypse ever gets a miraculous second act!”

“Beyond magical”

“Bittersweet, sad, hilarious, ludicrous and altogether wonderful.”

“Quirky and poignant…this is a no-brainer”

“Take my money!!! This is an amazing continuation of The Apocalypticon story.”

?Mr. Smith’s strength is in his ability to write a great character and that quality absolutely shines in Post Apocalypticon. I had to set this one down more than once to collect myself.”

“For anyone out there asking if there could ever possibly be a worthy follow-up to the novel that breathed fresh life into stories about the death of civilization, the answer is a resounding YES.” 

Broken World

Book 3 of the Apocalypticon Series

The apocalypse isn’t what it used to be. As the number of resources dwindles, survivors are getting more desperate. People are getting more violent. The world is getting darker.

Dragged away from the Magic Kingdom by the same Red Caps that helped Bloom hunt him down, Patrick Deen comes out of his injury delirium somewhere on the North Carolina coast, one thousand miles from Ben. One thousand miles from home.

To get back to Fort Doom, he’ll lead a ragtag crew across a cruel and forgotten country. When they meet the charismatic Roman Marwood, they’ll join forces to try to make it to the Gulf…but it won’t be smooth sailing. Lunatic scientists, sadistic pirates, casual-Friday cannibals, and slavering dusters choke the landscape, and even Patrick might not have the wits to navigate that gauntlet.

He used to understand the world. But now that world is broken.